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Jacksonville FL Landscape

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"... Fortunately, we didn't get a repeat of what happened in 2010 when it was really prolonged extreme cold but it definitely influenced those relatively high numbers." DeWit said an active red tide in Southwest Florida also is responsible for many manatee deaths listed as dying from natural or undetermined causes. Red tide is an algae bloom producing toxins that can paralyze manatees causing them to drown. "We don't like to speculate but if we keep on track with the numbers there now, it seems like the year is going to be among the high ones," DeWit said. "Things will really have to slow down for us to end up with a lower number at the end of the year." DeWit also said the current red tide bloom still hasn't dissipated, and commission continues getting manatee carcasses as well as live manatee rescue reports. "It's already May and we're still dealing with that so I don't expect it to end anytime soon," she said. Preliminary data show 318 manatees died statewide from Jan. 1 to May 4 this year, according to FWC's Marine Mammal Pathobiology Laboratory data. DeWit said red tide likely caused 146, or 46 percent, of those deaths although they are listed as  natural or undetermined. The data show 68, or 21 percent, died from cold stress, while boats killed 38, or 12 percent, the data show. So far, 18 manatees have died in Northeast Florida waters during that five-month period. Cold stress killed 12, or 67 percent, of them.  One died from a boat strike. The remaining five deaths — 28 percent — either were from undetermined, natural or perinatal causes, according to the data Last year, 538 manatees died statewide — the third highest number on record, according to the state's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.  Those deaths included 30 in Northeast Florida.

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Jacksonville FL Landscape
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